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Integrated Management Strategies

At Madumbi we believe in an integrated approach that combines a range of products and management strategies in order to achieve the best outcome in terms of healthy, high yielding, high quality crops.


Product Range

The Madumbi product range is split into the categories below based on their role in an integrated program. The Madumbi range has been designed to supply a holistic range of products covering all aspects of Sustainable Agriculture to assist the grower in covering as many areas of crop management as possible. The challenge for Sustainable and Organic programs has always been how to best fit into traditional programs while maintaining their own integrity and reducing compatibility problems. The Madumbi range aims to address these problems with the leading technologies available bringing together top quality, tried and tested products under one umbrella to simplify your supply and decision making process.

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BI SquaresThe BioInoculant range consists of products containing beneficial micro-organisms, Bacteria and Fungi that can be added to the soil to improve growing conditions. These are natural organisms that have been depleted from the soil due to modern farming practices and therefore need to be replaced. They perform a wide range of functions including the degradation of organic matter, mobilization and fixation of nutrients and production of bioactive compoundsprotection from pathogens and improve soil structure, aeration and water holding capacity.

  • RhizoVital

    Beneficial natural bacteria for healthy roots and healthy plantsRhizoVital-bottle-shop2222
    RhizoVital is a concentrated liquid formulation of the bacteria Bacillus amyloliquefaciens FZB42. RhizoVital stimulates plant growth, mobilises nutrients including phosphate, and promotes healthy root systems. Through the production of antibiotics RhizoVital can assist with prevention of root diseases.
    Further information: Label / BrochureApplication Instructions / MSDS

  • Eco-Rhiz Soya

    Eco-Rhiz SoyaRhizobium and Trichoderma Twin Pack for effective nodulation and nitrogen fixation in Soy                                                                                                                                          A unique concept in nitrogen fixation for Soya, the Eco-Rhiz Soya Twin Pack combines Eco-T (T. harzianum) and Eco-Rhiz Soya nitrogen fixing Rhizobium (local stain WB74) for optimum nodulation and fixation. The unique formulation Rhizobium offers high bacterial counts in a protective capsule that does not require co-application of sticker products.
    Further information: Label / BrochureApplication Instructions / Mixing DemoMSDS

  • Eco-Rhiz Lucerne

    Rhizobium and Trichoderma Twin Pack for effective nodulation and nitrogen fixation Eco Rhiz Lucerne Box2in Lucerne

    A unique concept in nitrogen fixation for Lucerne, the Eco-Rhiz Soya Twin Pack combines Eco-T (T. harzianum) and Eco-Rhiz Lucerne nitrogen fixing Rhizobium (Sinorhizobium meliloti strain RF14) for optimum nodulation and fixation. The unique formulation Rhizobium offers high bacterial counts in a protective capsule that does not require co-application of sticker products.

    Further information: Label / Brochure / Application Instructions 



PV SquaresThe BioStimulant range consists of products containing micro-organism and/or substances based on natural resources with added nutrition. These products are applied to the plants, seeds or soil to stimulate the natural processes of plants relating to nutrient use efficiency, produce quality and tolerance to abiotic and biotic stress factors. The nutrition component is tailored to support the specific biostimulants in their role relating to the targeted growth stage.

  • Madumbi Humic Acid

    High quality Humic Acid in two user-friendly formulationsHumate_Crystal
    Humic Acid is a well known agricultural soil amendment with a wide range of benefits in areas of plant growth promotion, microbial stimulation, soil conditioning and fertiliser management. Madumbi supplies both a granular and liquid formulation for use as a soil conditioner in conjunction with regular fertiliser applications.
    Further information: Label / BrochureMSDS 

  • Madumbi Fulvic Acid

    High quality Fulvic Acid in two user-friendly formulations
    Fulvic Acid is a versatile agricultural input with multiple benefits in natural chelation that can be put to use in the application of plant nutrients or as a method of detoxifying unwanted pollutants. Madumbi supplies both a high analysis powder and concentrated liquid formulation.
    Further information: Label / Brochure / MSDS 

  • V12 Range

    The Madumbi V12 range of biostimulant products is designed for general plant health and stimulation of natural plant processes.

    Stage Dependent Biostimulants

    Stage dependant products designed for specific growth periods. Products are tailored with a unique compliment of nutrients, amino acids and growth regulators to optimise the target growth phase.

    V12 Initiate – Biostimulation of the initial growth phase – germination or bud burst.
    Further information: Label / MSDS

    V12 Shoot – Biostimulation of the vegetative growth phase – photosynthesis.
    Further information: Label / MSDS

    V12Fruit – Biostimulation of the flowering and fruit phase – pollen formation, fruit set, fruit size & quality.
    Further information: Label / MSDS

    V12Finish – Biostimulation of the reproductive phase – fruit fill, colouring and shelf-life.
    Further information: Label

    V12 Stage Nutrition brochure

    General Supplementation

    These products are general nutrition products designed for use as nutritional supplementation during periods of stress, when deficiency management is required, or part of a precision fertilisation program.

    V12 Multi – An A-Z nutritional package for use as a tonic during key developmental phases to ensure optimum nutrient availability or to aid recovery during or after stress.
    Further information: Label / MSDS

    V12 Micro – A full range of amino chelated micro nutrients for prevention of or quick correction of unidentified micro nutrient deficiencies.
    Further information: Label / MSDS

    V12 Foliars brochure

  • Vita-Soy Range

    A range of nutrition products designed for Soya’s
    The Vita-Soy range of nutrition products has been designed to provide nutritional support for soya’s throughout the crop growth cycle from seed to harvest. The Vita-Soy range pays particular attention to the supply of Molybdenum for healthy, effective nodule development. Like the V12 range the Vita-Soy products are designed to provide niche nutrition for high performance agricultural crops and should form part of a holistic Integrated Fertiliser Management (IFM) program.

    Vita-Soy plant – Nutritional support for early growth and Rhizobium development. Designed for in-furrow application.
    Further information: Label / MSDS

  • AgriSil K50

    agrisilHigh analysis Potassium Silicate for boosting plant Silica levels
    Silica is one of the forgotten nutrients when it comes to plant nutrition. Silica has many benefits to offer by building the plant’s capacity to protect itself from pests, disease and abiotic stress factors. AgriSil contains Potassium Silicate in a plant-available form, designed for agricultural use as a foliar or soil application.
    Further information: Label / BrochureApplication Instructions / MSDS


biomanThe BioManagement range consists of pest and disease control products whose active ingredient has a biological (organic) origin rather than a synthetic chemical. This includes Fungi, Bacteria, Baculoviruses and Plant Extracts. These products are non-toxic to the environment and non-target organisms, unlike their synthetic counterparts, and fit very well into sustainable IPM programs.

  • Amylo-XAmylo-X

    Biological fungicide for resistance and residue management
    A preventative biofungicide for the suppression of fungal plant diseases on crops as specified.
    Further information: LabelBrochureMSDS

  • Cryptex

    Cryptex BottleAdvanced baculovirus technology for the reduction of False Codling Moth
    A highly concentrated SC formulation of the Cryptophlebia leucotreta (Thaumatobia leucotreta) Granulovirus for the reduction of False Codling Moth. Registered for use on citrus, pomegranates and persimmons.
    Further information: LabelBrochure / Application Instructions / MSDS

  • Madex

    Madex bottleAdvanced granulovirus technology for the reduction of Codling Moth on Apples and Pears
    An advanced SC formulation of the Cydia pomonella granulovirus for the biological reduction of Codling Moth. Ideal for use in IPM and resistance management programs.
    Further information: Label / Brochure / Application Instructions / MSDS

  • Madex Twin

    A first of its kind                                                                                                                                                    Madex Twin

    A Highly concentrated SC granulovirus formulation for the biological reduction of Oriental Fruit Moth (Grapholita molesta) and Codling Moth (Cydia pomonella) larvae on Apples, Pears and Stone Fruit.

    Further information: Label / Application Instructions / MSDS 

  • Bolldex

    Effective, residue-free management of African BollwormBolldex bottle
    Bolldex is an SC formulation of the nucleopolyhedrovirus (HearNPV) for the control of Helicoverpa amigera larvae. Bolldex is designed for effective biological reduction of African Bollworm populations and is ideal for use in IPM and Resistance management programs.
    Further information: Label / Brochure / Application Instructions / MSDS

  • DelfinDelfin

    A highly concentrated flowable granule concentrate formulation of Bacillus thuringiensis                  subspecies kurstaki (Btk) for the control of various Lepidoptera larvae on crops.

    Further information: Label / BrochureApplication Instructions / MSDS 

  • Eco-Bb

    Eco-Bb 2For effective biological control of common agricultural pests
    A wettable powder concentrate of Beauveria bassiana registered for the control of Red Spider Mites and Whitefly, Eco-Bb is ideal for use as a standalone pest control product or as part of an Integrated Pest Management program.
    Further information: Label / Brochure / Application Instructions / Mixing Demo / MSDS

  • Eco-77

    Eco-77For effective biological control of specified foliar diseases
    A wettable powder concentrate ofTrichoderma harzianum (strain 77) for protection of pruning wounds on Grapes against Eutypa and on Tomatoes and Cucumbers against Botrytis.
    Further information: Label / Brochure / Application Instructions / Mixing DemoMSDS

  • Eco-T

    Eco-TFor management of common soil diseases and larger, healthier, more effective root systems
    A beneficial soil inoculant containing active spores of Trichoderma harzianum. Eco-T is a registered biocontrol agent for common soil diseases including Fusarium, Rhizoctonia, Pythium and Phytophthora. It also promotes growth of healthy root systems.
    Further information: Label / Brochure / Application Instructions / Mixing DemoMSDS

    Eco-T Ezi-Flo: formulation for mechanical planters – Label