BioPulse is a quarterly newsletter written and edited by Madumbi Sustainable Agriculture employees. It covers a wide range of topics relevant to Sustainable Agriculture including market feedback, report backs from field trips and trials, as well as informative product and supplier articles.

2013 has seen the relaunch of BioPulse as an online magazine posted to which we hope has improved the reader's experience. Below are links to the new magazine. To view issues pre-2013, please follow this link to our historical issues.

July 2014 – In this issue

Madumbi Roadshows, we give feedback on our first round of pre-season roadshows

Israeli visit, Luxembourg Industries visits SA to learn about False Codling Moth management programs

Novel biostimulants and the benefits of Silica in crop nutrition programs.

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March 2014 – In this issue

Growing pastures with the aid of foliar feeds

False Codling Moth control on Grapes

Fighting diseases on Onions using IPM practices Bio-Rational Fungicides

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December 2013 – In this issue

A Christmas wish

The Law of the Minimum and its relation to our products V12 Multi and V12 Micro

Christmas closure, all you need to know

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September 2013 – In this issue

Eco-T Ezi-Flo the new formulation of Eco-Tin combination with Talc and Graphite for use with mechanical planters.

Madumbi Potato Guideline success in the Natal Midlands

IPM case study on Brazilian Soya's

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May 2013 – In this issue

Madumbi goes digital

AgriSil K50, The Anti-Stress Fertiliser

World Soybean Conference feedback

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February 2013 – In this issue

Welcome SABA, the new governing body for the local biological industry

Summer grains, report back from this seasons success with Eco-Rhiz Soya and Eco-T Ezi-Flo

Biologicals and the role they play in Integrated Pest Management

The humble honey bee, why we should be protecting them

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